Growing accessories

Growing your own mycelium doesn't have to be difficult. To get started, all you need to do is gather the necessary cultivation accessories: coconut fibre, vermiculite, latex gloves, cultivation bags with a filter patch, gypsum, sterile seed for inoculation, liquid mycelial culture, imprint9 print). With these items in hand, you can build an optimised setup along with temperature and humidity controls that ensure mycelial growth at the right rate. Additionally, consider investing in pH testing kits and petri dishes to help monitor your project. With the right accessories and attention to detail, anyone can reap the benefits of growing their own mycelium.

Microfilter bags for growkits 32 x 57 cm
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Filter bags for growkits are ideal for 1200 cc growkits
dimensions: 32 x 57 cm
number of filters: 6
filter: 75 µm
capacity: 8 litres
bag load: up to 4 kg
maximum temperature: 123 degrees Celsius