Golden Teacher - growkit set 2 x growbag - 6000 cc
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Golden Teacher - growkit set 2 x growbag - 6000 cc

0The DrPSY growkits are 100% legal in Poland. Our kit does not contain psilocybin or psilocin.

Golden Teacher Mushroom spores are a type of psilocybin magic mushroom known for its beautiful golden brown appearance and general popularity with mycological researchers. Iconic golden-brown wide hats and long and thin stems. This variety is known to grow in particularly large clusters in the wild. Compared to other psilocybe cubensis mushroom varieties, the Golden Teacher has a larger stem size and is much more elegant and unique in appearance. In general, Golden Teacher mushrooms have caps that reach a diameter of around five centimetres at maturity. Also, this variety does not fruit as quickly as other types of magic mushrooms. However, it grows very well in the wild even in less than ideal conditions.

All spores and growkits, growboxes of magic mushrooms sold by are intended for research use only.

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The kit includes

1 x liquid mycelium ( syringe + needle )

1 x sterile seed for inoculation ( 1 - 1.5 kg )

2 x professional grow bag with filter - reusable

1 x coconut fibre 650 g

1 x vermiculite 4 litres

How to make your own growkit?

1. Inoculate the grain with liquid mycelial culture. You only need 6-8 cm3 of liquid culture from a syringe for every kilogram of grain

2. Wait until the mycelium has colonised the grain. The grain will turn white (this is the mycelium). Wait until the bag is 70% "white". Then mix the grain thoroughly. Leave the bag until 100% of the grain is colonised with mycelium. And when this has happened, mix with coconut fibre and vermiculite ( see point 3. )

3. Make the substrate: mix the coconut fibre with the vermiculite. Pour everything into a paint bucket, pour four litres of boiling water over it, cover tightly and leave to cool.

4. Mix the grain with the above substrate 1:2 (leave some of this mixture for the covering layer (see point 6))

5. Pour the seed/substrate mixture into the growing bag.

6. With the remaining substrate, sprinkle 0.5-1cm of the mixture into the growing bag to make a covering layer, tamp down lightly with your hand and then spray lightly with water7. Wrap the top of the bag in two and fasten with three paper clips (not included)

8. Observe the development under a microscope. Ideal temperature 20-22 degrees Celsius

Store the bag vertically after inoculation so that the filter patch is not obstructed to allow gas exchange.

You will obtain approx. 4 kg of substrate from the kit.

Capacity of two bags: 6000 ml (cc)

Equivalent to 5 growkits of 1200 ml (cc) or approximately three of 2100 ml (cc)

5 growkits x 1200 ml (cc) = 900 PLN - SAVES 711 PLN !

3 growkit x 2100 ml (cc) = 837 PLN - SAVES 648 PLN !

1 ml = 1 (cc)

Estimated yield: up to 800g ( 2 x 400g)

Maximum yield: up to 6 throws

How to properly inoculate the seed :

How to prepare the substrate:

Remember to pour fungicidal liquid over everything before the mushrooms start fruiting, because growkit/growbag is legal in PL because it does not contain banned substances, but even the smallest mushrooms are already banned by law.

Remember don't break the law in PL just become a microscope researcher!

illustrative photo for educational purposes only

The cultivation of psilocybe cubensis fruiting bodies is illegal in Poland - by purchasing the product you are declaring that you will not use it for purposes that are against Polish law.

The product is intended for research and observation, as well as for collecting. Mycelium does not contain prohibited substances


Growkity DrPSY są w 100% legalne w Polsce. Nasze zestawy do uprawy nie zawierają psylocybiny i psylocyny.

Sprawdź status prawny grzybów i/lub substancji takich jak psylocyna i psylocybina w Twoim kraju

Jeżeli nie jesteś pewien statusu prawnego  przerwij badania przed pojawieniem się owocników

Nasze growkity NIE są sprzedawane z zamiarem ewentualnym hodowli owocników a tylko i wyłącznie w celu przeprowadzania badań mikroskopowych i obserwacji

Kupując growkit DrPSY z dostawą na terytorium Polski zobowiązujesz się do zalania całego substratu środkiem grzybobójczym  oraz upewniasz się że został całkowicie  zniszczony maksymalnie w ciągu 72 godzi od nadania paczki.

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