Cookies policy

1. The Administrator uses cookies, i.e. small text information stored on the User's terminal equipment (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can be read by the Administrator's ICT system. 2. The Administrator stores cookies on the User's terminal equipment and then accesses the information contained therein for the following purposes: 1. creating statistics which help to understand how Users use websites, which enables improving their structure and content;

2. marketing (remarketing)

3.determining the profile of the User in order to display customised material to him/her on advertising networks, in particular the Google network, 4. ensuring proper operation of the Shop. 3. It is possible to configure your browser so that it does not store cookies on your terminal device. However, in such a situation, the use of the website by the User may be hindered.

4. Cookies may be deleted by the User once they have been stored by means of the appropriate functions of the Internet browser, programs designed for this purpose or by using the appropriate tools available within the operating system used by the User.

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