Growkit B+ All-in-One
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Growkit B+ ( Be Positive) - All-in-One

DrPSY growkits are 100% legal in Poland.


  • Type: All-in-One
  • Capacity: 1200 cc

Universal mushroom growing kit

With the Universal Mushroom Growkit, you can easily grow mycelium of the magic mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis in the comfort of your own home!

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Growkit B+ (be positive) - psilocybe cubensis

Want to grow your own psilocybe cubensis B+ mushrooms? Our Growkit B + is all you need. The kit contains a mature psilocybe mycelium that is ready to grow as soon as you open it. But before we get started, we answer two frequently asked questions.

How do you grow B+ mushrooms?

Growing B+ mushrooms is easy with our kit. All you need is some heat and light (but not direct sun). The ideal temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius. Within 1 to 3 weeks you should see your first mushrooms.

When to pick B+ mushrooms?

The best time to harvest B+ mushrooms is just before the largest hats open. Simply twist and pull the stem to remove it.

What does our Growkit B+ contain?

Our B+ Mushroom Growkit contains everything you need to start growing magic mushrooms. The kit includes:

  • Mature psilocybe cubensis B+ mycelium

  • Plastic container with integrated air filter

  • plastic growing bag

  • Paper clips

Is a growkit legal?

The legality of growkits (mycelium growing kits) varies from country to country and what exactly the kit contains. In some places, such as the Netherlands, grow kits for certain hallucinogenic mushrooms are legal. In other countries, such as the United States, growing mushrooms containing psilocybin is illegal, although in some states (e.g. Oregon and some cities) the law is more liberal.

In Poland, the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is illegal. Psylocybin is a controlled substance and is prohibited

Always check current local and national laws before purchasing or using such kits.

What is B+?

Psilocybe cubensis B+ is a species of mushroom that is known for its magical properties. These mushrooms are prized for their powerful euphoric effects that can bring positive thoughts and warm psychedelic waves. They are easy to grow and adapt well to different environments, making them an ideal choice for beginners and experienced growers alike.

What is a psilocybe cubensis mycelium?

Mycelium is the network of thin threads that make up the body of a mushroom. In our B+ mushroom growing kit, we provide mature psilocybe cubensis mycelium that is ready to grow as soon as you open the kit.

Growing magic mushrooms with our kit

Growing magic mushrooms with our kit is simple and easy. All you need to do is open the kit, place it in a plastic bag and spray with water every other day. Stop spraying as soon as you see the first mushrooms. After the first harvest, fill the kit with clean, cold tap water. This process is called cold shock.

What is a mycelium of magic mushrooms?

The mycelium of magic mushrooms is the network of thin threads that make up the body of the mushroom. In our B+ mushroom growing kit, we provide mature magic mushroom mycelium that is ready to grow as soon as you open the kit.

A product designed for research purposes

Our B+ mycelium growing kit is intended for research purposes only. It is not intended for consumption. Please note that growing mushrooms containing psilocybin may be illegal in some countries, so always check your local laws before growing.

B Plus, also known as B+, is a type of psilocybin magic mushroom known for being a top favourite among mycologists and novice researchers alike. Known for being easy to study and easy to find, B Plus is a particularly adaptable and hardy strain that is ideal for budding mycologists. Even if you accidentally over-care or contaminate this strain, the spores still have a good chance of survival. This strain can survive in a variety of climates and is particularly strong for such a delicate type of fungus, although it does best in subtropical locations where it grows naturally in the wild.

The origin of the B Plus strain of magic mushrooms is shrouded in mystery, as are many strains of psilocybin cubensis. Some believe that the strain is a mutation created by a Florida breeder named Mr. G. Others believe that the B Plus strain may have grown in the wild somewhere in the United States. Regardless of the unreliable origin story, the B Plus variety is an amazing mycelium to study.

Characteristics This variety has brown and white long stems and fleshy round brown caps. The spores of B Plus have a deep purplish-brown colour when viewed under a microscope. This variety is known to be particularly aesthetically pleasing and is a real treat to examine under the microscope.

type: All-in-One

capacity: 1200 cc

With the All-in-One Mushroom Growing Kit, you can easily grow mycelium of the magical Colombian Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms in the comfort of your own home!

Everything you need is included in this kit.

If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help you. Contact us by emailing and our specialists will answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Our Growkit B+ (be positive) is ideal for those who want to get started with growing magic mushrooms. The kit contains everything you need to start growing, including a mature mycelium of psilocybe cubensis B+. Be aware, however, that growing psilocybe mushrooms may be illegal in some countries, so always check your local laws before you start growing.

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Growkity DrPSY są w 100% legalne w Polsce. Nasze zestawy do uprawy nie zawierają psylocybiny i psylocyny.

Sprawdź status prawny grzybów i/lub substancji takich jak psylocyna i psylocybina w Twoim kraju

Jeżeli nie jesteś pewien statusu prawnego  przerwij badania przed pojawieniem się owocników

Nasze growkity NIE są sprzedawane z zamiarem ewentualnym hodowli owocników a tylko i wyłącznie w celu przeprowadzania badań mikroskopowych i obserwacji

Kupując growkit DrPSY z dostawą na terytorium Polski zobowiązujesz się do zalania całego substratu środkiem grzybobójczym  oraz upewniasz się że został całkowicie  zniszczony maksymalnie w ciągu 72 godzi od nadania paczki.

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